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Lakes in Trentino
The Laghestel in Pinè (TN)
Laghestel is a nature reserve located in the town of Baselga di Pinè. The municipality has already decided in 1974 to protect the area as an important natural and landscape area, thus giving life to the first biotope of Trentino.

Lakes of Garzon and San Giuliano (TN)
The lakes of Garzonè and San Giuliano are located in a beautiful glacial valley at 1940 m altitude, between the High Horns, Spain, La Cingla and the Costaccia.

Lamar Lakes (TN)
The Lamar Lakes are located in the Valle dei Laghi in Trentino and today represent a destination for fishermen and nature lovers.

Lake Lavarone (TN)
Situated on the Plateau of Lavarone in Trentino, the lake reaches an extension of 6400 square meters, surrounded by woods and meadows. Its waters keep the fossil remains of an abetaia at 17 m deep. It is bathing and is a popular place for sportsmen.

Lake Garda (TN)
The northern part of Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful and beloved tourist destinations of Trentino: thanks to the temperate climate and the suggestive landscape, combining a lush Mediterranean vegetation with high mountain ranges, every year millions of tourists go here to relax and make Water sports and greenery.

Lake Idro (TN)
Located between the provinces of Brescia and Trento, at 368 meters s.l.m, Lake Idro is a crystal clear water surrounded by forests and high mountains, which houses - along the banks - characteristic and modern hotel structures. It is seaside until September, it is a favorite destination for fishing and windsurfing.

Lake Santo (TN)
Lake Santo is located in the valley of Cembra in Trentino, at 1194 m altitude, and is a place frequented both in summer (hikers and fishermen) and in winter (by ice sports enthusiasts). The protagonist of a fascinating legend, was also immortalized by Dürer in some of his watercolors.

Lake Molveno (TN)
According to Trentino's extension lake, inserted in the splendid panorama of the Brenta Dolomites, Lake Molveno was defined by Antonio Fogazzaro as "a pure gem in a superb treasure chest". A clear and peachy watertop, has always been the ideal destination for sports and nature lovers.

Lake Corvo (TN)
Of the glacial origin, Lake Corvo is the largest of the five lakes situated at more than 2000 m of altitude in Val di Rabbi, Trentino. A fascinating hiking trail with a starting point at Piazzola di Rabbi easily reaches this mirror of water set between the rocks of Collecchio and Monte Chiesa.

Lake Stellune (TN)
Situated in the center of the majestic Lagorai chain, in the Val di Fiemme, Lago degli Stellune is a beautiful oval-shaped mirror lying on a grassy alley under the Forcella Valsorda.

Lake Fedaia (TN)
The vast lake extends on the great plateau of Passo Fedaia, in the Val di Fassa. Made of an artificial part of 2 km and a natural part of 160m, the basin acts as a mirror for the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada.

Lake Welsperg (TN)
The lake is located in the Val Canali, one of the most beautiful Dolomites valleys. Made by Lords Welsperg to beautify the villa used as a hunting lodge, the small basin enjoys a wonderful view of the Pale of St. Martin.

Lake Caldonazzo (TN)
It is the largest lake in Valsugana, where it is possible to practice water skiing. All around, there are beautiful walks, private and free beaches, local entertainment venues in the country. The lake is bathable from June to September.

Lake Toblino (TN)
Lake Toblino, at the end of the Sarca Valley, is considered one of the most romantic alpine lakes: crowned by a unique natural landscape, between hills and thick forests, olive groves and vineyards, on which stands the Toblino Castle, the lake fa Part of an important biotope protected by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Lake Tovel (TN)
Also known as the "red lake", Tovel Lake is located in the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park, at 1178 m above sea level. It is the largest natural lake in Trentino, an authentic jewel embedded in the impressive Brenta Dolomites.

Cornish Lake (TN)
The Cornisello lakes can be reached with almost three hours of walk from Madonna di Campiglio. They are embedded among the most beautiful peaks of the Brenta group and located on the bottom of a large circus valley.

Lagorai Lake (TN)
Lago di Lagorai is located in a beautiful grassy clearing at 1876 m. S.l.m. In Val di Fiemme. Near the lake there is also the homonymous mountain and a charming waterfall that the landscape is truly unique.

Lake Malghette (TN)
In the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, in the Val di Sole, at about 1,900 meters above sea level lies the charming Lake Malghette. Framed by the mountains of Folgarida, this gorgeous water-like greenery overlooks the Brenta Group.

Lake Cece (TN)
The small lake of Cece is one of the most beautiful lakes of over one hundred alpine water mirrors that characterize Lagorai's long chain. Like many of them, it is on the north side of this imposing mountain range in Trentino.

Lake Serraia (TN)
Lake Serraia is located in the town of Baselga di Pinè in Trentino, and is the main tourist attraction of this small village. It is one of the few lakes that can be enjoyed throughout the year, which is why it is so renowned.

Lake Mandrone (TN)
Mandrone Lake is the best-known lake in the Genoa high valley, the valley that starts from Pinzolo and comes to the Adamello group. It is of glacial origin and with an area of ​​11,000 m² is located at a height of 2,338 meters s.l.m ..

Sternai Lakes (TN)
In the uncontaminated landscape of Val di Rabbi (Val di Sole), there are the Sternai lakes, distributed between an altitude of 2,562 and 2,900 m. They are all of a safe glacial origin and have a fairly small size.

Lake Buse (TN)
The Buse Pond, located on a small plain near the village of Brusago on the Pinè plateau, offers panoramic views with a picnic area in the summer, and turns into a skating rink during the winter.

Lake Lases (TN)
Lake Lases is a small alpine lake located in the heart of the Cembra valley, near La Gorsa mountain. This basin, loved by fishing enthusiasts, is found in a basin and is surrounded by slopes that have been dug deep into the porphyry extraction.

Lake Carezza (BZ)
Situated in the Val d'Elga in South Tyrol, below the pass of Costalunga, Lake Carezza is at the foot of the majestic Latemar, embraced by a thick fir forest.

Fiè Laghetto (BZ)
Fiè allo Sciliar is an alpine lakeside lake and a popular tourist destination thanks to the clarity of its waters and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Braies Lake (BZ)
The Braies Lake, located in the valley of the Val Pusteria, South Tyrol, at the foot of the Croda del Becco, is a popular tourist destination, both for its beauty and for the opportunity to make easy walks in the surrounding area. Not to mention, for the most experienced hikers, that also from the lake also the High Street no.1.

Lake Resia (BZ)
Lake Resia has become the symbol of the Upper Val Venosta thanks to the legendary bell tower that emerges from its waters, and that in winter, when ice water is frozen, it can be reached on foot.

Lago di Lagazuoi (BZ)
Lake Lagazuoi also called Lagaciò is a splendid glacier-like water mirror set in the rock, located a few steps from the border with the Province of Belluno: a dark green spot reflecting the Torre del Lago and the Scotoni wall .

Saldura Lakes (BZ)
The beautiful lakes of Saldura in Val Venosta are located in a glacial circus above Val Mazia. The seven highest alpine lakes in South Tyrol lie between 2747 and 2900 m above sea level and constitute a rewarding excursion destination.

Lake Toblach (BZ)
Lake Dobbiaco is 1259 meters above sea level, in the beautiful Landro Valley, south of the homonymous village of Alta Pusteria. Both in summer and winter the lake is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, an oasis for families and sportsmen.

Prato allo Stelvio ponds (BZ)
The Prato Ponds at Stelvio are a true oasis of tranquility: these graceful crystalline water mirrors are surrounded by a large green lawn, ideal for relaxing in the sun or playing with children.

Lake Issengo (BZ)
Small Lake Issengo is located almost 1000 meters above sea level in the village of Issengo, a hamlet of Falzes in Val Pusteria. On hot summer days you can get some cool in your waters and spend a nice day with the whole family.

Lake Anterselva (BZ)
At the bottom of the Valley of Anterselva, completely hidden from coniferous forests, we find Lake Anterselva, one of the most enchanting lakesides in South Tyrol.

Lake Caldaro (BZ)
Lake Caldaro is the largest alpine lake in South Tyrol and extends into a basin south of the city of Bolzano, between the Mendola massif and the Mezzogiorno. Very popular in the summer, it offers seaside resorts, accommodations and sailing yachts.

Lake Vernago (BZ)
Lake Vernago is a beautiful emerald emerald green in the heart of the Val Senales, west of Merano. Ideal for both water sports and fishing lovers thanks to the abundant fish fauna.Vernago Lake is a beautiful emerald green lake embedded in the Val Senales near Merano. Ideal destination for a relaxing day of fishing.

Lakes of Sopranes (BZ)
The crystalline Lakes of Sopranes are located in the Tessa Group Nature Park in the vicinity of Merano and represent the largest high altitude lake group in the entire South Tyrol area.

Lake Puntleider (BZ)
Lake Puntleider in the Isarco Valley, or Lake of Pontelletto, is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in South Tyrol because it is surrounded by unspoiled nature. It is 1850 m high, surrounded by a lush wooded area, and has crystal clear waters reflecting a spectacular and fascinating natural setting.

Valentine's Day at the Mute (BZ)
The valley lake is a beautiful water mirror located in the Upper Val Venosta. It is the ideal place for all those seeking relaxation and is a perfect destination for sports enthusiasts and water sports.

Lake of Landro (BZ)
Lake Landro is located at the end of the beautiful Landro Valley near Dobbiaco in Upper Pusteria. Surrounded by the beautiful rocky slopes of the Dolomites, it offers an enchanting view of the Crystal Group.

Lake Soscofes (BZ)
Lake Soscofes is a small water mirror located near Colfosco, near Corvara. Surrounded by green meadows and lush forests, it is the ideal destination for pleasant family days. A perfect place to unplug and refresh yourself from the summer heat.


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